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  • How does CARDESS differ from a CRM system?
    CARDESS is much more than a CRM system. However, the module CARDESS.SELL comes very close to a CRM system that was specially tailored for car dealers. Still, CARDESS is much more proactive and does many things automatically. The integration of the other CARDESS modules BUY for purchase management or ENGAGE for existing customer lead management makes CARDESS a system that proactively designs the entire customer journey in the dealership. CARDESS connects the digital world (website, stock exchanges, online sales) directly with your salespeople.
  • How does CARDESS connect to the DMS?
    CARDESS can be connected to the DMS in many ways. The easiest way is via the VEACT Datahub. But we also have many other interfaces. Please contact us directly.
  • Can I also use CARDESS in combination with AutoCRM?
    Yes! CARDESS is a modular system. CARDESS.ENGAGE (existing customers lead mining) has an interface to AutoCRM and can be seamlessly integrated.
  • How does CARDESS connect with the banks for the financing and leasing contracts?
    Since most bank systems do not have open web interfaces, we usually use manual export and import. Since we only need the bank details every 6-12 months, the effort for this is quite manageable.
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